The Present…Where the Magic Happens!


There is no when or then, there is only NOW

When people ask me what my favorite country that I’ve visited so far is, without hesitation I can say Norway!

I truly enjoy the diverse culture that every country/city/town can provide, so it’s not like I disliked other countries because I can definitely mention particular things that I like about every culture and that’s unique to that culture.

But what I truly enjoy the most is to connect with nature and to go back to my roots. Everything is safe when you are grounded and connected to your truth self. But back then I did not realize that the amazing landscapes and fjords of Norway would bring me such feelings… In fact I am a city girl and I’m used to the hectic lifestyle that big cities provide, little did I know that by shifting my perception from everything that I held to be true, I was opening myself to a sudden shift to see and experience things in new and deeper perspective.


Photo taken at midnight! It would never get completely dark in the Nordic countries during summer

Our group was heading to see a glacier; I was very excited as it was my first time seeing one. In fact, the whole concept of having mountains covered in snow during April is completely new to me; it’s not something you get to see when growing up in Colombia and Florida! So the whole concept of embarking in a very long walk uphill for many hours in order to see this glacier definitely sparked my adventurous soul!


Breathtaking view during our walk

However during this long walk, I found myself being so anxious about the final destination that I realized I was not truly enjoying the present and the astonishing surroundings! Yes the view was amazing but I just wanted to get to the glaciers already. I was consumed by anticipation and had great of expectations for this glacier to be something that would take my breath away, during my walk I had already imagined in all different forms and shapes how beautiful and magical this glacier ought to be that I was disregarding that the magic was present all along! I was too focused on the destination that the journey seemed almost non-existent.



It was at a moment of quiet and peace where it clicked! This is it! I don’t have to look anywhere else to find beauty, excitement, and contentment. My expectations were being met in the present moment and this would be enough even if we never got to the final destination, I will be fulfilled because the trajectory was more than enough and everything else that comes afterwards will be an added bonus.


By being so focused on the final destination and disregarding the journey you are not being connected to the only place that truly exists…the present.

This feeling came so unexpected but it was a great reflection that I could apply to every area of my life. I was reminded that the journey is what truly matters because in it we find the hardships that make us grow and to not look outside of myself to feel whole, content, or complete. Every human being has within everything that’s needed to fulfill their happiness and purpose.


Exchange students from Brazil, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, and Belgium

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.