A day in Venice


It’s 13:00 hours and my train doesn’t depart for another hour. I have plenty of time, I thought to myself. I decided to stop by a bookstore at the train station looking for a book titled The Aleph by Paulo Coelho, unfortunately all books were in Italian and there weren’t any books written in English or Spanish; so I ended up buying a journal to keep myself busy for the upcoming 4 hour train ride back to Rome. I checked the clock and my train should arrive any second, I waited on platform #1 as that’s where my train is supposed to stop. Time passed by and it was already time to board the train, it was very strange that the train was not there; so far I hadn’t had a problem with trains being late in Europe, in fact, they were mostly on time. I started to worry since I was supposed to be boarding…I checked the board again…wait…that’s not the platform number that was listed just a second ago! Oh my God! I’m in the wrong platform!!! I rushed with my luggage downstairs and I try to make my way between the crowds as I desperately start looking for the right platform. I finally see it, still too far and too many people in between; I carried my hand luggage up the stairs and see my train about to close its doors to depart. I yelled at one of the train crew standing by the door “wait!!”, he starts yelling in Italian signaling with his hand to hurry…I finally get on board and the doors close right behind me; phew that was close! I thought to myself as I was catching my breath and looking for my assigned seat. During the next few hours I wrote on my newly purchased journal about the amazing experience I’ve just had in that city…Venice!


Train ride from Rome to Venice

Venice was such an adventure because it was an unexpected trip! I actually stayed in Padova (Padua) which is about 30km from Venice and roughly an hour train ride. I ended up in Padova to visit my friend Gianmarco who I met in Sweden while we were studying abroad there. I am very grateful to him and his family for hosting me!

Here are some interesting facts about the city:

  • Venice has 177 canals and over 400 bridges.
  • As such, there are millions of “piles” underneath the Venetian lagoon.
  • Venice sits on an archipelago, which is basically a group of small islands. The city has 118 islands altogether.
  • The city has 350 gondolas.
  • Each year the town receives 18 million tourists. This equates to approximately 50,000 visitors each day.
  • Despite its ingenious design, the town is slowly sinking.

No wonder why Venice is very expensive, it’s an unique city unlike any other. Every single angle is a perfect shot, every canal, every bridge, every building; it was just amazing to walk by the colorful streets.


I would recommend not staying in a hotel or hostel in Venice it’s just too overpriced. Instead stay in the mainland and take the train to the archipelago (Venice). Also the gondolas are pretty expensive as well, but how can you not go around the city in a gondola while in Venice?! After all, you can only find this in Venice.

Here are a few great things to do in Venice:

  1. Go to Piazza di San Marco: Is the principal public square of Venice. You can find tons of people and restaurants, the beautiful Basilica di San Marco, and lots of pigeons!6Piazza di San Marco
  2. Get around in a gondola: Like I mentioned before, it’s very expensive but it’s an unique experience seen no where else! Especially with your significant other, I would have to go back to Venice to experience this ❤10
  3. If you love art, Venice is a great place to see masterpieces: I did not get a chance to visit an art gallery this time, after all, I had been backpacking in Europe for a month and was a little exhausted from visiting too many museums and art galleries. But I definitely love art and the Doge’s Palace is a must next time I go to Venice.
  4. Food, food, and food! What can I say, Italian food is delicious, especially homemade food! Yum Yum Yum
  5. View of Venice: Go on top of the Campanile! AMAZING VIEW!
  6. For music-lovers…Vivaldi of course: Antonio Vivaldi was a violinist and is recognized as one 0f the greatest Baroque composers. La Fenice has at least two concert seasons a year.8

    One of the most famous theaters in Europe!

    As can be concluded, there are still many things left for me to do in this amazing city. I will definitely come back to visit museums, go to art galleries, experience a well-played Vivaldi, ride a gondola, and most importantly attend the Carnival of Venice!images