Gränna and Visingsö!

Field with yellow flowers

Field with yellow flowers

Gränna is located within the municipality of Jönköping and is known for its red and white polkagris or stick candy. There is actually a bus in Jönköping, the bus 101, that takes you to Gränna and you can catch it from the central station, it costs 50 sek one way. It is definitely worth visiting Gränna because it is also a connection point for the ferry service to the island of Visingsö. The island is 14 km long and 3 km wide and it is an amazing place if you want to see the Swedish countryside, there are lots of forests and farmlands as well. Bikes can be rented for 50 sek 3 hours or 80 sek the entire day; we went biking all the way to the north of the Island (9km away) so we biked for 18km on a really sunny and hot day! I got a sunburn for the first time in Sweden 🙂 It was an awesome afternoon and a nice break from studying for finals.



  This old castle is found on the island of Visingsö


The air was cool and since it was a sunny day it was a little warm but not too hot, it was just perfect and the scenery and landscapes just amazing! It was a little too hard to take pictures while riding the bike so I had to stop quite often to just take it all in and take pictures!





Polkagris is a Swedish candy stick or straight candy cane that was invented in 1859 in the town of Gränna, Sweden, and remains a popular candy tradition in the town. The polkagris candy cane is white and red, and peppermint flavoured! They are delicious!!


Fun day bicycling