So there are definitely many things that are new to me in this country. There are many international students in Jönköping (over 200! One doesn’t get to know them all!) But mostly are from other European countries so the culture and holidays are somewhat similar. However, for me everything is new! So of course I was not aware of “Valborgsmässoafton” or “Walpurgis Night” which is a traditional spring festival on 30 April and is a celebration associated with dancing and with bonfires.


Bonfire in Råslätt

Since 30th of April was a Monday, I go to class like normal and I noticed that the campus is empty and there’s no one in the engineering building (which is really weird). Later I found out that classes were cancelled because of this holiday and there is also no class on May 1st because everyone gathers to officially welcome the Spring with lots of bbq, dancing, and drinking in the park. 


My friend Sofia