I have met with my contact family again; they invited me to their house for a traditional Swedish dinner. The house is by the other side of the lake from where I live and is a beautiful cozy home. They have 2 kids, an 8 year old daughter and a cute 3 year old boy, the girl didn’t know English but we were trying our best to communicate each other with pictures and google images lol. I actually helped the mom cook the traditional Swedish dinner, they thought it would be a better experience for us (me and the other contact student from South Africa) if we cooked the meal from scratch. So yes I learn how to cook Swedish köttbullar (which is meatballs), with mashed potatoes and lingon (a small red fruit which they use to make a type of sweet jelly to eat with the potatoes and meatballs). We talked about our cultures, they were interested in learning about our backgrounds and what type of food we eat at home; I asked a lot of questions about Sweden and they told me tips to adapt to the cold better. At the end of the night they offered me this delicious dessert: “rabarberpaj”, I totally loved it! Before I was too picky about trying new types of food, but now  love trying new foods and exploring different flavors. The dinner was delicious and it was memorable to spend a Sunday with a Swedish family! ❤

Swedish Contact Family with their 2 contact international students

Swedish Contact Family and 2 international students