Living in Vilhelmsro accommodation is great! Everyone does truly become your family and it gives you that sense of “home away from home”. Vilhelmsro is a big accommodation only for international students and it is divided in different “color-coded” corridors, I live in the yellow corridor. There’s one kitchen and about 3 bathrooms and showers for each corridor, plus there is a common area for all of the corridors; it is really easy to socialize since there’s always someone cooking or watching TV in the common area. So if you feel alone in your room it’s just a matter of going to the kitchen and common area if you feel like you need to speak with anyone. There’s really that sense of community and family here.

Since Vilhelmsro is right next to the Vättern lake (the second largest lake in Sweden), we decided to do a bonfire at night right next to the lake! It was so cold, there was still snow in the forest but it was nice to share stories in the middle of the night while cooking bread or sausage in the fire and looking at the amazing view of the city of Jönköping reflecting over the lake


View of the city