Sweden – Arrival

It has been 1 week and 3 days since I arrived to Jönköping, Sweden; Nevertheless, I feel like it was just yesterday when I arrived. It has been so hectic trying to get used to a new culture, learn the route from the university back to your dorm, know where to buy groceries, where to get your bus card, get used to the new currency, learn to cope with the weather…, etc. It just an endless list, but the experience I am getting here is unforgettable and the people I am meeting is unique. I feel like I have known these people for a very long time but I realize I just met them last week, it is a really strange feeling but everyone here is really nice.


First people I met from the dorm “Vilhelmsro”

The trip to get here was extremely long and I thought I would never get here; first I flew to Canada, then Germany, then Gothenburg, and finally a bus ride to Jönköping. It took over 24 hours in total, the most difficult part was traveling by myself and carrying all that heavy luggage I brought with me. Yes, I am pretty sure I over packed and I probably won’t use everything I brought with me… but hey I am a girl! and I heard shopping here is really expensive so I decided to bring most of my clothes. Nevertheless, I am pretty sure I will shop for more here 😛


View of the University

The university is extremely small compared to my home university (University of Central Florida) in Orlando. But I really like it, everything is walking distance! At UCF for instance, I would drive from the gym to the Engineering building because it’s a long distance; it’s such a big campus with 60,000 students! I prefer small and compact, the yellow building as seen on the picture is the engineering building.
I really like this country, Sweden is very clean and Swedes are very organized. I am still having a little bit of issues adjusting to the short days and long hours of darkness, also it’s very cold for me since I come from a warm country :S

It's only about 5:00pm and it's completely dark!

Everyone from my dorm is so nice and I feel we have become a family already, we went to every place together this first week. Vilhelmsro is a great accommodation as it has many international students and you meet people from every culture. The bus stop is only about 10 min walking distance and the public transportation is excellent!


At the Vilhelmsro bus stop

This day was very fun as it was one of the first snowfalls I’ve experienced! I have never seen snow so I was really happy like a little child 😀 Most of the Europeans found this amusing as they are accustomed to the snow, but the Mexicans and Brazilians were just as happy like me.
As soon as we got out of the bus we landed on the snow and started throwing snow balls at each other 😛 It was soo much fun! I am really going to have an amazing experience with these people. Lots of laughs and great moments.1