The Magic of the South

A quick guide to hiking in Patagonia


Embrace The Opportunities!

Has it ever happened to you that right before you go on vacations, right before you board that plane which will take you to that place/country you have been daydreaming for days having… Continue reading

The Present…Where the Magic Happens!

When people ask me what my favorite country that I’ve visited so far is, without hesitation I can say Norway! I truly enjoy the diverse culture that every country/city/town can provide, so it’s… Continue reading

A day in Venice

It’s 13:00 hours and my train doesn’t depart for another hour. I have plenty of time, I thought to myself. I decided to stop by a bookstore at the train station looking for… Continue reading

Lapland Experience

It is a whole new world up there! Everything is just so different, you are suddenly stepping into winter land with its amazing culture and breath taking landscapes! There’s a strange kind of… Continue reading

Gränna and Visingsö!

Gränna is located within the municipality of Jönköping and is known for its red and white polkagris or stick candy. There is actually a bus in Jönköping, the bus 101, that takes you… Continue reading


So there are definitely many things that are new to me in this country. There are many international students in Jönköping (over 200! One doesn’t get to know them all!) But mostly are… Continue reading

Spring is here!

Coming to Sweden during Spring semester was definitely a great idea. Students who usually come during Fall semester will arrive to a nice weather, long days, great atmosphere; but everything will gradually change… Continue reading


I have met with my contact family again; they invited me to their house for a traditional Swedish dinner. The house is by the other side of the lake from where I live… Continue reading


Living in Vilhelmsro accommodation is great! Everyone does truly become your family and it gives you that sense of “home away from home”. Vilhelmsro is a big accommodation only for international students and… Continue reading